The Week in Brief Podcast is your weekly guide to the latest news, issues, and events in professional licensing, regulation, and digital government. This week Sarah and Paul discuss how regulators are cracking down on fake nursing diplomas, Pennsylvania’s moves to address teacher shortages, Nova Scotia’s efforts to attract U.S. doctors, and more.
Paul Leavoy

Regulatory policies are ever-evolving and differ widely from coast to coast and around the world. We keep a pulse on the active world of regulation and licensing.


Updated: A breakdown of all interstate licensing compacts


Review commission identifies barriers to entry for Virginia teachers: Weekly regulatory news

The Week in Brief is your weekly snapshot of regulatory news and what's happening in the world of professional licensing, government technology, and public policy.
This week in regulatory news, a review commission identifies barriers to licensure amidst Virginia’s statewide teacher shortage, a U.K. architecture board recommends reforming educational requirements, and more.


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