The Week in Brief is your weekly snapshot of regulatory news and what's happening in the world of professional licensing, government technology, and public policy. Ontario gives approval to expedite international nurse registration, Ohio introduces legislation to license advanced care respiratory therapists, new research finds that professional licensing has no impact on interstate migration, and more in our latest weekly roundup of regulatory news.
Harry Cayton

Regulatory policies are ever-evolving and differ widely from coast to coast and around the world. We keep a pulse on the active world of regulation and licensing.


Updated: A breakdown of all interstate licensing compacts


Week in Brief Podcast
Kansas relaxes teacher licensing requirements: Week in Brief

The Week in Brief Podcast is your weekly guide to the latest news, issues, and events in professional licensing, regulation, and digital government. This week, Sarah and Paul discuss efforts to relax teacher licensing exam rules in Kansas, calls from major sports leagues to move ahead with expanding Quebec’s betting system, and more.


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