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What common threads ran through the biggest stories in regulation over the course of 2023? What were the year's biggest, most impactful developments? We answer this and more in our Year in Review.

What is the meaning of regulation? Why does it exist? Who does it affect, and how? We look at the broader issues surrounding regulation and licensing.

What common threads ran through the biggest stories in regulation over the course of 2023? What were the year's biggest, most impactful developments? We answer this and more in our Year in Review.
How can new technology enable the regulator of the future to improve its work in protecting the public interest? What challenges does the future hold for regulatory bodies? Ascend Radio guests share their thoughts.
What should the regulator of tomorrow look like? While there may be no definitive vision, contributor Rick Borges gets creative with answering this important question, drawing inspiration from a favorite toy to 'build' a model of an effective future regulator.
To what extent is it possible for regulators to measure their impact on the fields they regulate? How can they be held to account for their performance and guided toward better outcomes? In this article, we explore how performance measurement frameworks are used around the world to assess regulatory effectiveness and drive improvement.
Why should regulators expend their limited resources pursuing research projects? Well, according to Kieran Walshe, even small amounts of proprietary regulatory research can have a significant impact on decision-making and understanding of organizational priorities. In this piece, we explore some of the insights gathered by Walshe over his years in the world of research and how regulators can put them to good use.
The recent sentencing of British nurse Lucy Letby has left members of the public, media, and medical community calling for more regulation. In this article, Harry Cayton examines the response to Letby's crimes and what it highlights about the limits of professional regulation.
How can artificial intelligence be used to advance the daily work of regulation? In this Insight piece, we explore the potential applications of AI in rulemaking, adjudication, complaint handling, and other regulatory processes.
To what extent does AI have the potential to exhibit bias and discrimination? And how might humans implement the technology in a way that curbs these tendencies? In his latest piece for Ascend, Rick Borges discusses the ethical implications of widespread AI implementation and explores what could be done to address them.
Artificial Intelligence has much to offer for good as well as for harm, and the need to regulate emerging AI technologies in some way has become apparent. In this article, Harry Cayton argues that instead of trying to regulate an entire international industry, AI regulation requires a precise approach that focuses on the people who create it and use it.
Cloud computing seems to be the way of the future in both the public and private sectors. But what is this technology? How does it work? And how can it help optimize day-to-day work processes for regulators? We explore these questions and more in this Insight piece.
Regulatory transformation is not only about changing an organization's technology and processes; it is also about empowering and engaging its people throughout the journey. In this article, Rick Borges looks at the key role that people play as enablers of regulatory transformation.
Regulators are increasingly turning to an innovative policy tool called a “sandbox” to address various challenges. In this article, Contributor Will Morrison explores the origins of regulatory sandboxes and how they work.
The burden of outdated IT systems can create serious problems for regulators as workload demands increase and new security vulnerabilities develop over time. In this Insight piece, we explore how government agencies may go about upgrading their legacy systems to current-day requirements and why it is imperative to do so.


Updated: A breakdown of all interstate licensing compacts


Alberta physicians criticize plans to subsidize nurse practitioner clinics: Weekly regulatory news

The Week in Brief is your weekly snapshot of regulatory news and what's happening in the world of professional licensing, government technology, and public policy.
This week in regulatory news, professional communities clash over plans to publicly fund nurse practitioner clinics in Alberta, California considers an alternative pathway to licensure for lawyers, and much more.


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